iTrain B737 and A320

“Use iTrain B737 or iTrain A320 every week before your first flight of the week for 5 minutes and you will never be surprised when any situation arises where you need to perform any memory item, non-normal maneuver or flight pattern.”

Reading and studying the FCOM is a challenge at times, specifically reading between the lines.
The same applies to the QRH.
Flipping the pages nowadays is not convenient. Next to that reading texts and distilling the items you have to do subsequently should be made easier.
So we did.
The content of our iTrain app can be divided into technical knowledge and operation procedures.

Technical Knowledge

FCOM section contains over 800 multiple choice questions. The questions can be practiced by system as found in the FCOM or randomly.
The intention of the questions is to help you gain more knowledge off all the systems relevant to the Boeing 737 and the A320 respectively.
If you are a newbie on the aircraft we can recommend you to try to answer the question and if you are not sure refer to your FCOM to make sure you understand the specifics of it.
If you are already a specialist you can use the questions to revive your knowledge of each specific system. Or whatever means as you feel suit. 
The thing is if you know your systems intimately the questions and more importantly the answers will be very clear to you.
If this is not the case the questions and answers might raise your eyebrows and this is a good indication you might need to get your FCOM within arm’s length.

Operational Procedures QRH
We realize the importance of the QRH in our operation. Some parts we use on daily basis, other parts only in real life non-normal operations or during our simulator training.
Nevertheless we need to know many things from the top of our head and we will only be able to do that when we have adequate knowledge of these procedures and items. We might think we do know them, but you still have to rehearse them frequently not to be surprised if the situation arises.
We have extracted the action items from the procedures, maneuvers and flight patterns and put in a learning format.
Practice line by line or complete the item and then verify your knowledge by using the show all option.

Memory Items

Memory Items knowledge is a basic requirement for any B737 or A320 pilot to manage the aircraft during non-normal situations. Memory Items isolate the non-normal situation which is the first priority to avoid collateral damage from the existing failure.
Make sure you know all of them by memory!

Non-Normal Maneuvers
Sometimes non-normal maneuvers come down to a sort of memory items.
Do not be surprised when you need to make a go-around. Be prepared.
Whether you are studying the rejected take off which is being trained in the simulator quite frequently or the upset recovery your actions, step by step, must be readily available in your short term memory to perform them exactly as prescribed by the procedures.
Not performing them properly have cost lives already, sadly enough.
Flight Patterns

Most crew perform the same patterns on daily basis, but do you exactly remember the details of the pattern you only do once in a while?
Again these are also required to be on the top of your mind.
Use iTrain B737 or iTrain A320 for all the memory items, non-normal maneuvers and flight patterns you don’t use on daily basis, but are required to have readily available for each flight at any moment.