Here at Flighttrainer you find information on our iTrain B737NG app.

During the course of our own career as line captains as instructor and examiner we ran into the subject of how to prepare best for our daily operations and also for our simulator training.

There is a difference between thinking you will know what you need to do in case of a ‘undesired aircraft state’ and what you actually know and do in such a case. We have seen the latter to be different to what the procedures say you should do. Not only in the simulator during training, but also recent incidents and accidents have shown this, unfortunately.

Whether preparing for grading, Type Qualification, Skill Test, Proficiency Check, recurrent training, or any other training for that matter, we realize we can always improve our knowledge of the aircraft systems, memory items, non-normal maneuvers and flight patterns.
This knowledge is necessary to perform our jobs at the required level. When we are talking about system knowledge, auto pilot behavior, upset recovery or rejected take off for instance the smallest flaw could lead to huge implications.

We therefor made you a tool, for the iPad or any Android device, to improve this important knowledge.
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