Good      bySciolist - Mar 19, 2015
A good app if you are doing a 737NG type rating. Could be improved by randomizing the "All Systems" quiz which presently seems to go through each system one at a time. Also if you navigate away from a quiz for some time, it loses the place and you are back to the beginning. That said, well worth the money.
Thank you for your comment. Good idea. It’s now on our to do list. We will maintain this sequence on the individual subjects however in order to be able to use iTrain B737NG alongside the FCOM when studying.

Awful customer support   byPilot 7378EH - Sep 14, 2015I bought this app based on screenshots at App Store. When I start using it I noticed the answers for questions appears along with the questions, turning the learning process useless. I sent an email asking how to disable this feature, but they completely ignore me and didn't answer.
We received your comment and realized a setting we used was not appropriate. We have disabled this setting and now the answer is not displayed. Thanks for your comment.
We did reply to you the same day. Maybe you missed it.

Great study tool! however...   byWhyRickWhy - Sep 3, 2014
There should be a way to save your progress. Closing the app will always take you back to square one. This is very troublesome as you need to go through all the previously answered questions and answer them again in order to view the rest of the available questions. User interface is good and simple.
Thank you for your comment. This option has been available from the beginning, only if you left the app running in the background. As soon as the app is closed everything was reset again. We are investigating the option to work even if you close the app. This might take some time however.

Must have apps    bysylphid44 - Sep 2, 2014
Awesome...this is best app for memorize all step in QRH. Must have apps for all 737 pilot. Reliable with all boeing manual.
Thank you for your review

Great training app.    byMysteri0uz - Jun 27, 2014
Lovely app. A well designed way to brush up, or stay updated on flight profiles, questions or memory items. A helpful tool for upcoming flight checks.
Thank you for your review

Great app!     byB737CoPilot - Mar 26, 2014
This is a great app! It helps to train your memory items, system knowledge and non normals! I would recommend it to any 737 pilot!
Thank you for your review

Must have for training!!!   byricocarlier - Mar 19, 2014
Really nice to train all memory items!!!
Thank you for your review

Great app!    byKlsmcmartin - Mar 11, 2014
Great app to keep check your knowlegde and help you maintain it! Memory items is especially nice with the option to go step by step! Keep up the good work!
Thank you for your review